Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving Out

I shared this with a friend before, but would want to keep a note of it to remember how I was feeling on this turn of year.

One of my daughters had her birthday on September... and the morning of her birthday I asked, what did she want for her birthday... I was taken aback by her answer...

"I should be living on my own at this age".

I took that by the heart

I somehow know that this is going to happen.

I have never 'owned' any of my children, because I know they belong to the world, they will drive their own lives, but have I totally unleashed them?

I cried for days... realising and saying what I have written earlier...

At the end of the day... there is only one left... my dear old self


yoonamaniac said...

Most people I know can't wait for their kids to move out and yet the kids want to stay... Weird...

Ibyang said...

big hugs my friend.