Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008

2008 brought a lot of losses in my life, the sudden passing of a nephew so dear to me and a sister in law, the marriage of 23 years, and the house of my dream.

But I have so many non-physical, unseen treasures gained. Family and friends who stand by me through all the storms I had. The three treasures of my life, my children who have shown their love and the support no matter what. The life-lessons learned, the forgiveness, and the readiness to face any challenges in the coming year.

Thank you and Goodbye 2008.


yoonamaniac said...

I'm sorry you suffered such losses last year. (((Hugs)))

Jo said...

thanks Yoonie (muah)

Anonymous said...

Dear Josie,

I'm Najla, I worked with you at CHIC. Amazingly, I have found myself reading your blog today. I am so happy to read about you yet I am also so sorry to read about your 2008 losses.

May 2009 bring you the unexpected gains!