Friday, August 15, 2008

My Gems (Part 3 of 3) Kyle - My Turquoise

My artist one
He was a skinny passive boy, being push around
He was made to learn aikido and give other guys one round
Eyeglasses made him look an unattractive nerdy
But we were surprised to see him being followed by some girlie
Learned the recorder when he was in year three
Will play it everywhere I didn’t realized how annoying it could be
Computer games is on one of his top priority
Sleeping so late awake until the wee hour of three
Music he looks at it passionately
He plays his guitar exceptionally
Teachers, colleagues, relatives, and family
Admire him playing and give him a glee
A brother so sweet to his sisters
He’ll save money and buy gifts on their birthdays
To be the man of the house we ask
Responsibilities he takes without qualms
Even in the middle of his company
This young man will say I love you comfortably
My Artist One

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