Friday, August 15, 2008

My Gems (Part 2 of 3) Shelley - My Amethyst

My intellectual one.
She is the one born with lipstick on her mouth
My makeup I would notice always used and out
Long hair was her illusion when she was eight
Skirts she would put on her head as an alternate

She’s got talents, singing is what we encourage

To sing, Lola and mommy will pay her change

She joins singing contests, plays, beauty pageant

I thought I was seeing the making of a legend

She is not lazy, she runs around like crazy
Especially if she has to go in a hurry
Passionately she will express her opinions
You’re not supposed to say no for any reasons
She keeps her diary to every second

Organized things better than any administration

She could run for any government positions
For she wears jovial smiles that shows her affections
My intellectual one

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Anonymous said...

equally absolutely beautiful. Mana sa mama.