Friday, August 15, 2008

My Gems (Part 1 of 3) Jammy - My Blue sapphire

My blue sapphire - Jammy My creative one,
She draws and sketch and paint,
Will overturn her Mac to produce a page,
Renovates her room three times a week
Picks up her camera, frown, and shot in a wink
Spends lavishly when it’s aplenty
Counts every cents in scanty

Her wardrobe must come from top brand
Fashion is a priority she wears on her band
Imagination took her places,
Make-believe friends I see no faces

Freedom is what she will fight for
Will go her way even if it will take her on her four
She is passionate in what she believes in
Will pray for everyone even if it takes her all evening
She will not talk when she is upset
But in good mood will smooch you to a set
She holds onto things because of its value

Her close friends are dearest to her even if afew
My creative one

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful. Mana sa mama.